#01: Welcome to The Refined Mind

The inaugural issue

Hi friends!

Thanks for signing up to be a part of this experiment of mine! In case you don’t remember, my name is Mike and I’ve been tinkering with digital gardening lately. The term is somewhat…nebulous…but really it’s just a website where content is highly linked and written as something between a tweet and an essay. It’s made of my own personal notes, but uploaded publicly in the spirit of thinking, learning, and working in public.

This newsletter may or may not become consistent, but the goal is to send out a list of additions and changes every other week.

A goal of mine is to meet more people and have more conversations, so every page on the site refinedmind.co has commenting and you’re encouraged to respond and/or comment on the emails as well.

That said, here’s what I’ve got for you in this issue! It’s been a lot of setting things up and tinkering, but as that slows down and the writing picks up we’re sure to get into some good stuff. This issue includes everything since I started logging changes but expect future emails to be more concise.

Take a look below, explore what calls to you, and definitely share anything that stands out and makes you think!

Thanks again for joining me.

Catch you on the internet,

Mike Tannenbaum | The Refined Mind

2020-06-26 — New + updated notes

2020-06-18 — Fixed URLs + newsletter subscription

2020-06-16 — Black Lives Matter

2020-06-15 — Updated some language

  • Updated homepage language

  • Made changeling more accessible

2020-06-12 — Added commenting + new notes

2020-06-09 — Content + Layout updates

2020-06-07 — Updated URL

  • Now running on http://mind.miketannenbaum.com (will change soon)

2020-05-29 — Site deployed to Netlify!

2020-05-28 — Built on the shoulders of others